Tuesday, March 9, 2010


2-25-10, originally uploaded by sayunclecomics.

Sketch I was working on for a painting that I never found time to paint.
Not sure what the subject matter is, just trying to stream out the consciousness I suppose. I wonder if I should look for meaning or not.

BTW the note up top 'Evon of the Dead - Yvonne' was me spelling the name Yvonne wrong at first, then correcting the spelling. A friend of mine said that Shaun of the Dead should have a sequel following Yvonne's character. She was the one who ran into Shaun about midway through the movie, with the kind of alternate world versions of all the characters in Shaun's group. Then again at the end, you see Yvonne with the military, but none of her group. He wanted to see her story. I agree.

I had WAY more to say about the small notation than I did about the drawing. Interesting.

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